Moms Have Feelings About Target Labeling Breastfeeding Supplies ‘Natural Feeding’

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Target’s ‘Natural Feeding’ sign is causing some serious chat online

We’ve all heard the debates about breastfeeding versus formula feeding, and the emotion tied to both means the convo can get a little, shall we say, heated. Recently, the popular Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk opened up a discussion about Target naming their breastfeeding product aisle “Natural Feeding,” and naturally (pun intended) it sparked some lively conversation.

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“How do you guys feel about how Target is labeling their aisle for breastfeeding supplies?” Kristy Kemp, the creator of Breastfeeding Mama Talk wrote, showing a picture of the aisle with signage that reads “Natural Feeding.” “The interesting part is there are people right now arguing that we need to stop referring to breastfeeding as natural because it implies that formula is unnatural, which I mean is true. Formula is a man made alternative why can we not call it as it is?”

This sentiment, and the sign itself prompted quite a few comments from both sides; some saying ‘yes, it makes sense because breastfeeding is a natural act’ while others didn’t quite share that same opinion:

Kemp also pointed out that perhaps it’s the way some people interpret “breastfeeding is natural” to somehow mean “that we’re only doing so to make those who formula feed feel like outcasts which is not true.” Many shared her opinion of the sign, saying why can’t the store call it natural, because that’s what it is:

Kemp also asked her readers if the store should have just named the aisle “breastfeeding or breastfeeding supplies,” and many commented that yes, it’s called breastfeeding, so why not refer to it by the actual name?

And though it appears this is only how Target labels this section in their stores and not online, it obviously struck a chord with many. Regardless of how we feed our children, all moms seem to face some sort of criticism about this intensely personal decision. Moms who breastfeed are continuously called out in public and told to cover up and those who decide to bottle-feed are often ridiculed and told they aren’t doing what’s best for their child.

I think a better use of everyone’s time is to be asking one another how best we can support each other in every aspect of motherhood, feeding included. It’s not an easy journey and having love without judgement can sometimes make all the difference. Only you know what’s best for you and your child, end of story. We need more ways to draw people together, not tear each other down.

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