Target Proves Educating Staff About Breastfeeding Isn't Rocket Science

by Maria Guido
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With so many stories of workers publicly shaming breastfeeding mothers or attempting to shove them in a bathroom, you’d think it would be really difficult to educate staff about expectations when dealing with a woman who is publicly feeding her child. It’s not. Target just proved it.

Breastfeeding Mama Talk posted Target’s public breastfeeding policy to their Facebook page yesterday. It’s since been shared almost 13,000 times. The best part? Tons of people are sharing their own Target breastfeeding stories, proving this memo is actually something the company enforces.

One commenter who claims to have been an employee of Target said, “I used to work for target. It wasn’t just for the guests they even had a special mommy room for breastfeeding employees. They [sic] was a fridge, rocking chair, radio, the whole nine yard. It was amazing.” Another said, “About a month ago I was nursing my daughter and a customer went and got a manager, brought them to where I was nursing( in the men’s section with my husband, covered up) and complained. The manager apologized to me and explained to the LADY that I was allowed to feed my baby where ever I am comfortable doing so. And proceeded to explain to the lady that if she didn’t like it, don’t watch.” Another added, “I’ve been approached by an employee of Target every single time I’ve nursed in one of their stores… To see if I needed anything such as a bottle of water.”

Shopping with kids is stressful enough. Who wants to worry about whether they’re going to be approached by misinformed staff? Considering most moms spend roughly a zillion dollars in Target a year, the company is smart for educating their team members accordingly. My favorite part of the memo is, “If you see a woman breastfeeding in our stores, do not approach her.” I just wish they would have added, “Do not make eye contact or sudden noises. Don’t run. Back away slowly.” Ha.

It takes one small memo to let your staff know how to deal with breastfeeding women. Other stores should take note. And with all of the personal positive anecdotes Facebook commenters are adding to this image, it’s clear Target takes the comfort of breastfeeding mothers seriously.

Good job, Target. I feel a little better about handing you half of my paycheck every month.

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