Taylor Swift Says 2017 Was The Best, Twitter Promptly Roasts Her

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Steve Jennings/WireImage

Has Taylor Swift been under a literal rock for most of 2017?

There are plenty of things people love about Taylor Swift. There are also plenty of things people don’t love about Taylor Swift. Regardless of which camp you may fall into, there’s one thing we can all agree on: 2017 was not, in fact, a banner year. For anyone.

Well, anyone except Taylor Swift apparently.

After wrapping up a performance during the Jingle Ball in London this week, “bad bitch” Taylor shared the following Instagram photo.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better year.” Umm. Are you sure you mean this year? As in, 2017? Year Of Our Lord Two Thousand And Everything Sucks? I mean, good for you Taylor, that you’re safely ensconced in your bubble of personal happiness, but that just simply isn’t the case for, well, anyone else.

While it may seem like just an innocent Instagram post where Taylor is just sharing her love and gratitude for her fans — and it very well might just be that — the internet was not having it. So Twitter will see her Best Year Ever and raise her one endless internet roast.

The initial tweet quoting Taylor was shared by Billboard, and just went off from there — with many people calling out her privilege.

Taylor Swift fans were quick to defend her and chalk it all up to her being happy about how her 27th year on earth went. Or something.

Maybe she’s happy about her new boyfriend, her album sales, and a bunch of other fun things that only happen in Taylor Swift Land. Regardless, this statement here does a pretty good job of summing up why Billboard’s tweet garnered so much backlash: