'A Mom Can Dream' Is An Anthem For Exhausted Moms Everywhere

by Maria Guido

‘A Mom Can Dream’ is the perfect Taylor Swift parody for exhausted moms

All moms can probably relate to those moments when your brain drifts off and you start daydreaming about what it was like before you had butts to wipe, endless toys to pick up, and someone else’s needs coming before yours constantly. It’s normal. It’s called being human.

Danielle Murray and her husband Joe, the couple behind the YouTube channel The Murrays, rewrote Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, and it’s an anthem for exhausted mothers everywhere.

I can shower daily if I want to, get highlights in my hair, watch movies that I choose

I can pee with no one else around, leavin’ home whenever, and see other adults now

When you call, I don’t have to yell – at my kids, I can hear you so well…

Piles of laundry again, life with kids is hard but a mom can dream…

“We know the long days are well worth it, and one day – when the kids have moved out, we can do all of those things we miss,” Danielle explains in an excerpt under the video. She clearly needed to, because some comments proved that there are always moms who don’t get the joke.

This was cute but would’ve been way more impacting if the point focused on the childhood in its entirety. The song spends too much time idolizing a disconnect from reality. What’s better for moms to think about is how quickly this season goes by.

Raising children is just hard to do. Way beck when, I didn’t have an Internet blog to whine on. Be thankful for those children. The time goes by quickly.

It’s fun to read these kinds of comments in the voice of the adults on Charlie Brown. Mah, mah, mah ma ma. It’s okay to poke fun of the hard parts of motherhood. It’s what keeps us sane.

Long showers, a full night’s sleep, a night out on the town, an impromptu hair cut… a mom can dream!