Little Girl Throws A Tea Party For Police Officer Who Saved Her Life

by Jerriann Sullivan
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‘Shes’s my best friend,’ police office says of toddler

A very special tea party was held for a little girl and the police officer who saved her life a year ago and the photos are adorable.

Two-year-old Bexley and Patrick Ray of the Rowlett Texas Police Department got together to celebrate their special bond earlier this month. The pair met last summer when the toddler was playing in her swimming pool at home with her mom and siblings, Good Morning America reported. Tammy Norvell knew something was wrong when she noticed Bexley’s lips had turned blue.

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“She went completely limp. It was more than falling asleep. She just collapsed,” she explained. “I looked in her eyes and she was so distant. We had no clue she had swallowed anything.” Bexley was choking on a penny when her dad called 911. Office Ray was on his lunch break, but nearby so he answered the call. His body camera showed that she saved little Bexley’s life in 27 seconds.

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“I heard [Ray’s] siren and ran out the front door. He’s grabbing her from me and is trying to pry her mouth open with two hands. He did the finger sweep into her esophagus and a penny dropped down into it,” the Texas mom recalled. “That’s when we heard the most beautiful sound of her squeaking and coughing and crying.” Ray described the moment saying, “It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard in my whole life.” Ever since then, the unlikely duo have been great friends and decided to have a tea party to commemorate the momentous occasion and Chelle Cates Photography was there to capture the precious memories.

Chelle Cates Photography

“It was something that I just couldn’t turn down because I knew it was going to be really special for her mom and Bexley,” Ray shared. “I have two boys, so I don’t get to do that type of stuff you do with a little girl. She’s a sweetheart. She’s my best friend.” The families have become close too and got together for their kids’ birthday parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. “I feel that I have no words, even after a year. I hold [police officers] all in high regard, but there’s no way to repay [Ray],” Bexley mom said.

Chelle Cates Photography

The friends plan to stay in touch over the years as well. “We’re buddies. I can watch her get married. I can watch her have a family,” the police officer said, according to BBC News. “She could have lost her life that day, and I got super lucky.”

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