Mom Gets Offended By Teacher's Pinterest Board, Calls The Local News

by Maria Guido
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Here’s something that may blow your mind: teachers are human beings who have lives and interests. Some of those interests may have absolutely nothing to do with children – imagine that! They’ve also been known to have a sense of humor and even on some occasions drink alcohol. Shocking, isn’t it? How dare they!

A Texas teacher is under investigation because she posted some funny e-cards to her Pinterest page. A parent whose son was getting ready to attend her class did a quick internet search of the teacher’s name and found one of her Pinterest boards. She found this image:

She didn’t like it, so she contacted her local news channel, as you do. In addition to the above card, she sent the news station another card she found that said, “If teachers were honest with report card comments: Jimmy continues to be an (expletive). I would like him to stop being an (expletive).” I’m guessing the expletive was asshole. Or shit head. Or little fuckface. I could do this all day. Mom didn’t want to go on camera, but she wants the district to take disciplinary action.

Really? I mean, come on. It’s a Pinterest board. It’s teacher humor. I’d be more offended if she didn’t use “you’re” right.

Teachers are human beings who have a tough job. There’s nothing wrong with venting about that job and using humor for levity in your life. A parent who’s doing Google searches of her kid’s teacher, happening upon a space that has nothing to do with that teacher’s professional life, and reporting her to the school is just over-the-top. Calling the local news station takes it to a whole level of crazy. Mom, if you’re reading this — get a grip.

There was a story a few months ago of a daycare worker who went on her Facebook page the day she accepted the job and confessed that she “hated kids.” I can see there how parents would be alarmed by something like that. But making a a booze joke? Big deal. And everyone knows that kids can be assholes so that second joke is not a big deal either. As if it’s not enough that teachers don’t get paid what they’re worth, now we have to expect them to meet this unattainable level of perfection when they’re not on the job? They can’t make a joke?

A world without humor sucks and people need to be able to vent. This teacher has nothing to be sorry about — and she certainly shouldn’t be “under investigation.” This should serve as a warning for all teachers to lockdown the privacy of their social media accounts. Apparently there are parents with way too much time on their hands.

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