This Couple's Walk Home From Prom Ended With A Touching Surprise

by Thea Glassman
Image via Theodore Vidal/Instagram

A teen couple’s walk home from prom ended with a heartwarming twist.

One small, very important step has just been taken in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. ABC producer Michael Del Moro took to Twitter to share an encounter he witnessed between a gay couple and a group of loud men. Spoiler alert: this story actually has a really nice ending.

Del Moro was hanging out in Seaside Heights when he spotted a group of “rowdy bros” at a rooftop bar, who were yelling “kiss her” to every couple who walked by.

Then, a teen couple, both young men, passed by, wearing their prom suits and holding hands. Del Moro was immediately worried. This was the same town where, not so long ago, a group of young men had hurled a homophobic slur at him. Thankfully, this young couple got a very different reaction from the peanut gallery.

This sweet little moment might not seem like much in the scheme of things, but Del Moro called it “encouraging.”

Buzzfeed managed to track down the prom couple, Colin Beyers and Theodore Vidal, and they said that they were just as surprised as Del Moro was by the response they received.

“Machoism is such a thing here, so the fact that those guys cheered us on was shocking,” Beyers explained. “It’s one of those small victories that makes the hard times worth it.”

Vidal added that the two have dealt with their share of homophobia.”It was so surprising that these guys were supporting us,” he said. “Especially after what I’ve gone through.”

Vidal came out in eighth grade and was viciously bullied by his classmates. He was largely ignored at school, told to “end [his] life” and that “he didn’t belong here.” Meeting Beyers changed everything for him.

“He pushes my depressed thoughts away,” Vidal told Buzzfeed. “He’s always there and he makes everything better. He helps me live life to my fullest and that’s what I am doing right now.”

So, so much applause for this brave, loving, positive couple. Also, hopefully these South Jersey guys are part of a new trend of acceptance, kindness, and generally not being discriminatory jerks.