The Internet Loves This Guy Who Secretly Took His Boyfriend To Prom

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Image via Twitter.

Guy secretly took his boyfriend to prom then tweeted about it

People are sending love and well wishes to the guy who secretly took his boyfriend to prom then tweeted about it. Myren, a Maryland high school student, explained online that his parents told him he couldn’t go to prom with his boyfriend, Ralph.

“They wanted me to end things with him and they tried grounding me to keep us from talking, but no matter what we found a way to talk,” Myren said. “I knew I wouldn’t get a yes from them, but I thought maybe they would have a change of heart. They never did.” So he went to the dance without telling them and tweeted some photos that people all over the world are sharing while showing support and love for the teens.

With the landmark decision from the Supreme Court last summer allowing same-sex couples to marry nationwide, it’s easy to forget how closed-minded some people still are about gay couples. It’s devastating that Myren’s parents aren’t showing him unconditional love. But both young men are receiving a lot of love from people on Twitter.

Since the original tweet was posted, it’s been shared more than 19,000 times and favorited by more than 43,000 different accounts. “I was surprised when I noticed that people were proud of me and that they respected the decision I had made,” Myren told BuzzFeed News.

The young men were also rightfully praised for their dapper prom fits.

Many people have written to Myren since his original tweets because they’re worried his parents will find out. He addressed the questions saying they only watch TV and check their email so he’s not worried they’ll see the tweets. And if somehow how they do, they’ll also have to see the incredible outpouring of love for their son who dared to be himself despite a lack of support from his family.

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