Teens Doing Class 'Baby' Project Surprised By How Hard Parenting Is

by Cassandra Stone
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Chippewa Secondary School/Facebook

Ah yes, please enjoy watching these teens discover how hard parenting is in real-time

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you’re probably intimately familiar with the varying values they place on their responsibilities. They’re in that life phase where they’re totally capable of doing most things on their own, but still want you to do it for them. Well, these high school students in North Bay, Ontario Canada are finding out the hard way that parenting is A.) something they have to figure out on their own, and B.) it’s really freaking hard.

Students at Chippewa Secondary School are officially in Parent Mode as part of their annual class project — babies, babies, and more babies! Participating students are given fake babies to take care of through a weekend for some genuine, hands-on experimental learning of life skills.

The results are, as you can imagine, entertaining AF. The school recently posted screenshots the students were sending the instructor — try not to snort while laughing.

“The babies are back! Looking forward to class discussions about the experiential learning that happened this weekend,” the post reads. “Everyone is looking a tad tired this Monday morning.”

LOL. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Chippewa Secondary School

This student thought you could just toss the baby in a duffle bag and be on your way. If only real babies were that practical! Too bad they have to be able to, like, breathe and stuff.

Chippewa Secondary School

Honestly this student has a lot in common with most first-time parents. “Should I be constantly holding it?” is probably something I asked myself about a hundred times per day during maternity leave with my first child. The panic about setting them down is extremely valid.

“I’ve been rocking him for like 20 min and he still whining” is the best part of this message though.

Chippewa Secondary School

“Can he be turned off.” OMG. Listen, if babies came with “off” switches so moms and dads could get a little quiet time, there isn’t a single parent out there who wouldn’t use it.

Chippewa Secondary School

Raise your hand if one of your anxiety-related parenting fears is falling down the steps while holding your baby. Apologies if this text message triggered you into Panic Mode. Thankfully (well, at least 50% thankful, it seems) that poor fake baby Lucy made it through.

Chippewa Secondary School

“It’s possible it may sleep most of the day. No way to know.” Welcome to parenting, “no way to know” is your life’s mantra now and nothing makes sense and you have no idea how to track the way time passes anymore.

Chippewa Secondary School

“Can you please shut off my baby.” Oh dear. It’s funny but it’s also extremely understandable. Honestly give every school the budget needed for this program and banish abstinence-only sex education to the pits of hell where it belongs.

Chippewa Secondary School

Don’t even want to know what happened there. Poor fake baby. Poor, fake, wet baby.

“Parenting Education attempts to prepare us for the adventure of parenthood,” a representative from the school tells Scary Mommy. “Through the chaos that is child-rearing, we can reach out to find support, find humor in the crazy situations and with love and guidance, know that our kids will be ok!”

And as for that little fake baby?

“P.S. Fake Baby Lucy made it through her fall unscathed, in case you were wondering.”

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