Teens Invite Stranger To Join Their Squad After She Admits To Missing Girls Night Out

by Jerriann Sullivan

Older woman told the teens she missed going out with friends

Mahri Smith, an 18-year-old from Ottawa, went out with her squad of fabulous ladies to a casino over the weekend. She and her friends were taking pictures in the bathroom when they met an older woman who offered to take photos for them. The offer turned into some conversation. The conversation turned into some fabulous mirror selfies that are going viral right now.

The teen told reporters she thought the woman’s gesture was sweet and so they chatted for a bit. “She was complimenting our clothes like a teenager talking to us,” Smith told Buzzfeed.

Image via Twitter.

According to Smith, the older woman told the group of ladies that being around them reminded her of her gal pals and warmed her heart. “I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out,” she said, according to Smith. “I miss that.” Aww. Don’t. We. All.

Image via Twitter.

Who doesn’t miss some good girl time? Work, kids, families, and all the other parts of life are, of course, important. But spending an hour trying on clothes followed by a night on the town (any town) with our favorite females brings a different kind of joy to our lives. Our lady friendships make the harder parts of life a bit more bearable and a random night at a club a cherished memory.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter.

Smith shared that she was touched by the kind woman’s words and asked her if she wanted to join in on the bathroom selfie bonanza. Since she was already dressed in black she fit right in with the younger girl gang. “Why miss it, we are all out right now, aren’t we?” the teen said.

Everyone looks so damn happy that the internet was quickly brought to tears.

Smith didn’t catch the woman’s name, but since they’ve gone viral, we’re hoping someone sends them to her. The teen said the woman was at the casino with her husband, who she returned to after the ladies finished their chat. “It was really nice,” she said. “She just seemed like the nicest lady.”