John Legend Is Every Husband Who Takes Forever To Text Back

by Julie Scagell
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Apparently you should always text Chrissy Teigen back immediately

Chrissy Teigen is a total badass so don’t try to deny it. She’s the queen of Twitter, delivers come backs like a boss and makes her fans feel like she is one of us. Her authentic demeanor and quick wit have endeared her to millions but apparently if you don’t text her back immediately — shit’s going down.

A little back story. Over the weekend, Teigen must have texted her husband, musician John Legend. He apparently did not text her back in a sufficiently acceptable window but did seem to have time to tweet out to his over ten million followers, which blew the whole “I didn’t check my phone” excuse right out of the water:

Teigen, being the feisty and hilarious woman she is was not having it:

For what it’s worth, we would NOT want to be on the receiving end of Chrissy Teigen’s wrath. Personally, my TRT (text response time) is either three seconds or 45 days later, there is no in between. If it’s a text from my mother (who voice enabled her phone to speak all of her texts), it sometimes takes a week just to read the 75 paragraphs alone.

What’s even worse (but equally as funny) is this is apparently not the first time Legend has been slow on the draw:


We are going to have to agree with Teigen (duh) on this one. We thought this slow-husband-text-back was a personal issue, but it seems it’s universal. In this day and age, we know everyone is glued to their phone, so if we don’t get a text back right away, we can feel fairly certain we are being ignored. This is when we passive aggressively wait an appropriate amount of time to send back something to the effect of “You better be texting me back a fucking novel or we are not friends anymore.”

Luckily Legend is married to goddess with an impeccable sense of humor:

If John needs someone to take over texting responsibilities to his wife– because we are sure he is a very busy man — we would be happy to be on the receiving end of Teigen’s texts. We can only imagine since the things she posts in public are so amazing that the ones she shares in private have to be borderline criminal.

We would welcome this with open arms, promising to always text back in a reasonable timeframe. Think about it, John.

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