Tess Holliday Fat-Shamed For Sharing Pregnancy Photos, Because Of Course

by Maria Guido
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Tess Holliday posts pregnancy photos on Instagram

Tess Holliday is a proud, plus-size model. She did a thing this week that plenty of pregnant women do without consequence: posted some nude-ish maternity photos. The internet went crazy, because god forbid a large woman feel comfortable in her skin.

“Just because we’re plus size, doesn’t mean we have to prove that we’re healthy, just as someone who is smaller than us or average size doesn’t have to prove they are healthy,” Holliday captioned her pregnancy photo on Instagram. “We should be able to exist in our bodies. I am technically healthy but my body is no more valid than someone’s who isn’t.”

Can a person be allowed to feel good about themselves? No, apparently not. Tess Holliday could be the same size she is, and be the poster girl for trying to lose weight. She could be weeping weekly on her Instagram account about how hard she’s trying and how shitty she feels about herself. And you know what people would do? Encourage her. Everybody loves a woman who can’t stand herself. But God forbid a woman is comfortable in her skin. Then all hell breaks loose.

We have no idea what someone’s health issues are. Fat-shaming isn’t about “tough love.” People don’t leave cruel comments to inspire Holliday to be “healthier.” They do it because they can’t stand the fact that she loves herself.

[shareable_quote]”We should be able to exist in our bodies.”[/shareable_quote]

There are people who cohabitate with smokers, skinny people who never do a minute of exercise, people who eat processed foods daily — as long as people are thin, no one cares. The minute a fat person stands up and says, “I’m good. My doctor isn’t concerned about my health and I actually feel great” everyone becomes a doctor. But everyone isn’t a doctor. There are “unhealthy” people all around us that people don’t constantly berate, because they happen exhibit a body-type that the world finds acceptable.

“I was 7 months pregnant in these photos & loved every moment,” writes Holliday. Then a stream of comments appeared reminding her how “obese” and “unhealthy” she is. If a fat body disgusts you, maybe don’t follow Holliday’s Instagram account. But it’s unfair that she shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate her pregnancy just like anyone else would because she weighs more.

I never understood why people — especially women — shame other women who love the way they look. Isn’t that the goal? When I see a larger person wearing an outfit that would be a-okay on a thin person, my first reaction is never she shouldn’t be wearing that! It’s, I wish I had the confidence she does. It takes just as much time to think a positive thought as it does to think a negative one. It takes just as much time to lift someone up as it does to destroy them. So, she’s fat. Hurling insults at her isn’t going to change that. What’s the point?

It’s not anyone’s job to concern troll her waistline. She has a doctor for that.

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