Tess Holliday Shares Breastfeeding Photo And Wonders Why Cute Nursing Bras Don’t Exist

by Valerie Williams

Tess Holliday posts gorgeous nursing selfie and asks where the cute nursing bras are

Model and overall fantastic human Tess Holliday has made it her business to normalize breastfeeding since the birth of her son in June. Over the summer, she’s shared multiple photos of herself nursing and this week, she posted another and raised a very important question.

Why are nursing bras so friggin’ unattractive?

After a taping of Hollywood Today Live, Holliday shared a snap of herself breastfeeding her infant son Bowie. Looking amazing, of course.

Cosmopolitan wrote about the image and when Holliday shared the article on her Facebook page, she captioned it, “When a babies gotta eat, a babies gotta eat! Also my bra isn’t a nursing bra, it’s a Torrid push up bra that I’ve made work for me, because let’s face it- supportive & cute options for plus size moms don’t exist. Sadly!”

Super sadly. Along with being wonderful and throwing her support behind other breastfeeding moms, Holliday also makes a very good point. Where are the attractive nursing bras for plus-size moms and women with larger breasts? Why must we look like our great-grandmothers if we want to have a convenient bra to nurse our babies in?

The model mentions she’s wearing a regular push-up bra, and she looks beautiful, but how is she even doing it? The times I tried nursing my son in a non-nursing bra ended with my boob harness tossed to the side and me frustrated and sweaty from the effort of trying to pop my breast out of a bra that wasn’t meant to allow it. But if you want to feel your age and look attractive, a traditional nursing bra isn’t the best option for the 34DD set.

Hopefully, retailers will wake up to the fact that just because a mom’s breasts are big doesn’t mean she wants to look matronly and boring during the time spent nursing her babies. Some of us want the option to look beautiful and feel confident while serving as a 24/7 milk machine. And that holds true whether our breasts are A cups or G’s.