Unhinged Trump Supporters Harass Biden-Harris Campaign Bus In Viral Clip

by Julie Scagell
Biden bus Trump tweet
Dr. Eric Cervini/Twitter

The dangerous maneuver could have ended much worse

Multiple vehicles with Trump flags and Make America Great Again signs surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus heading from San Antonio to Austin on Friday on a packed interstate. The campaign canceled two campaign events out of “an abundance of caution” following the incident.

The pro-Trump cars and trucks surrounded the bus on Interstate 35 and looked to be trying to slow it down and force it to the side of the road, according to witnesses. In one instance, the vehicles pulled in front of the bus and tried to stop in the middle of the highway. Another side swiped a car being driven by a campaign staffer.

Historian Dr. Eric Cervini posted video of the situation:

“These Trump supporters, many of whom were armed, surrounded the bus on the interstate and attempted to drive it off the road,” tweeted Cervini, who had traveled to Texas to help with the Biden-Harris campaign. The vehicles “ended up hitting a staffer’s car,” he added.

The maneuver ended up jamming traffic and created an extremely dangerous situation for the bus and anyone else on the road. Not only that, it’s an embarrassment to this country that people waving an American flag would act this way. I would say, “What the fuck is wrong with people?” but I think we’re miles beyond that question at this point.

“Rather than engage in productive conversation about the drastically different visions that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas instead decided to put our staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way,” Tariq Thowfeek, the Texas communications director for the Biden for President campaign, said in a statement per the New York Times.

Trump, who was holding a rally in Montoursville, PA, laughed about the event, saying, “Anybody see the picture of their crazy bus driving down the highway, they are surrounded by hundreds of cars, they are all Trump flags all over the place.” He also tweeted “I LOVE TEXAS!” over a video of a truck nearly sideswiping the bus.

Biden campaign spokesperson Symone Sanders tweeted in response to Trump ‘s Twitter post, “What the President tweeted in regards to Texas is reckless, dangerous and an intimidation tactic. It’s not something we should come to accept from our leaders. The people of our great country have the opportunity to turn the corner here. VOTE. HIM. OUT.”

After the incident, a reporter for the Texas Tribune as the chairman of the Texas Republican Party Allen West went on a tirade, claiming without evidence that three Trump supporters had been “executed” in Milwaukee, Portland, and Denver. He also said that a “leftist mob” tried to “storm the house” of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and “burn the house down and rape Mrs. McCloskey.” None of this actually happened.

This, along with other concerns over dangerous tactics and voter suppression has caused many states to put extra measures in place during election week to ensure everyone’s safety. Still waiting for America to feel remotely “great.” Vote. Him. Out.