The 2014 Thanksgiving Project

by Scary Mommy
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The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project began three years ago, with just a handful of families.

A handful of mothers who confessed not being able to afford Thanksgiving dinners and a handful of readers who volunteered to help them. Nobody was trying to save the world; we just wanted to be able to make a difference in one family’s life.

And then the magic happened.

More families came forward with their struggles and even more families pitched in to help, donating anywhere from a dollar to several hundred. Over four hundred families celebrated a Thanksgiving dinner they otherwise would have gone without and Scary Mommy Nation (now a 501(c)3 charity) was born.

Every day, Scary Mommy is proud to showcase a variety of viewpoints and perspectives from mothers everywhere. Underneath all of our differences – behind all of that which too often divides us – the wonder of a mother’s love for her children is universal. And what can be more instinctually maternal than wanting to be able to nurture and provide for your family?

That’s the simple beauty of the Thanksgiving Project. Our children– and our struggle for their well-being – is what connects this community. To date, more than 4,500 families have benefitted from the Thanksgiving Project. Last year alone, we received 2,765 applications and were able to fulfill each and every one…

It’s time to do it all again.

Welcome to The 2014 Thanksgiving Project!

If you could use help with your Thanksgiving holiday, click here to apply. (Applications closed 11/1.)

If you are involved in blogging or social media, please help us spread the word.

If you have or know of a business who would like exposure and good karma, learn more here.

To read about past recipients, click here.

If you can afford to help a struggling family, please donate by clicking below. Fifty dollars buys an entire dinner – you can, of course, give less and be grouped with other donors, or give more and sponsor multiple families.

(You can also mail checks to: Scary Mommy Nation, PO Box 20866 Baltimore, MD 21209) Employer Identification Number 80-0790414

Finally, last but not least…here’s a way for you to do good and spoil yourself a little, too.

On November 17 and just in time for the Holiday Season, Simon & Schuster will publish the Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays e-book. The best part? Part of the proceeds of the sale of the e-book will benefit Scary Mommy Nation and the Thanksgiving Project.

The second best part of the book? It contains the voices you know and love from this website, along with a few new ones.

Meet the contributors to Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving The Holidays:

Kim Bongiorno • Christine Burke • Abby Byrd • Andrea Condodemetraky • Sarah Cottrell • Janie Emaus • Victoria Fedden • Nancy Friedman • Anna Gebert • Deborah Goldstein • Alice Gomstyn • Sharon Green • Jessica Griffin • Maria Guido • Toni Hammer • Natalie Hoage • Harmony Hobbs • Amy Hunter • Julie Lay • Kathryn Leehane • Jennifer Lizza • Lola Lolita • Alessandra Macaluso • Leslie Marinelli • Hannah Mayer • Jessica Mayer • Amanda Mushro • Jennifer Weedon Palazzo • Tarja Parssinen • Robyn Passante • Crystal Ponti • Lily Read • Jennifer Scharf • Alisa Schindler • Tammy Scott • Jennifer Simon • Allison Slater Tate • Jill Smokler • Rita Templeton • Vicky Willenberg • Joelle Wisler • Megan Zander.

Pretty impressive line-up, huh?

At only $2.99, this e-book will be the best investment you make this season. Pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iBooks and it will magically appear on your device on November 17. A perfect little holiday present… from you, to you.

Thank you for supporting the Thanksgiving Project, however you are able!

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