The 7 Biggest Parenting Fails Of 2015

by Ashley Austrew

These hilarious parenting fails will have you shaking your head.

As parents, we do the best we can, but that doesn’t always mean we make good choices. We’re only human, after all, and for some of us, the fail is strong. 2015 brought us a bunch of hilarious moments and outlandish stories, but these are some of the very best WTF moments from our archives. Here’s a look back at the seven biggest parenting fails we covered this year:

1. This dad who pretended to blow up his kid

Image via YouTube

YouTuber and professional prankster Roman Atwood thought it would be hilarious to trick his girlfriend into thinking their kid was injured in a horrific four wheeler accident. He quickly found out it wasn’t such a great idea when the entire internet said, “Um. WTF, Dude?” Still no word on how his girlfriend refrained from kicking his ass. According to his YouTube channel, Atwood is still up to his usual funny business. Hopefully he’ll find some less traumatizing ways to prank his girlfriend in 2016.

2. These parents who used Snapchat to scare the hell out of their toddlers

Image via YouTube

The photo-sharing app Snapchat released some new filters this year that gave users the ability to make themselves look like nightmarish demons. Unfortunately, some users thought it’d be funny to try the filters out on their terrified children. It became a viral trend, and pretty soon there were videos all over YouTube of toddlers crying, screaming, and just generally being tormented while their parents laughed it up. It was the exact opposite of funny, and these parents are in big trouble when their kids are old enough to enact a little payback.

3. That one time a mom paid this clown to traumatize her kid

Image via WTVR

A Florida mom made nightmares come to life this year when she hired this grotesque clown to scare the bad behavior out of her disrespectful son. The clown, who goes by the name Wrinkles, showed up at the kid’s bus stop and stared him down. He makes his living scaring people throughout Southwest Florida, but says he’s just an “old-fashioned clown.” He even told the Washington Post, “When I was a kid it was okay to scare kids, and now they’re just all whiny and scared.” Apparently adults are whiny and scared too, because I’m about to piss my pants just looking at that thing.

4. These people who stuck their baby on stage at a late night rock show

Image via Facebook

The rock band Resputina had to issue this PSA in October after some parents not only brought their toddler to a 10 pm rock show, but also sat their baby on the stage, claiming it was so the two-year-old could “see better.” The band called the mom out and then she took to the web to try to say they were shaming her because she had been breastfeeding in the audience. Turns out, they were actually shaming her for having a baby in a bar and sticking him on stage during a live performance. Can I get a hell no?

5. This dad who snapped a selfie while his wife was in labor

Image via Reddit

This brave soul took a selfie right at the exact moment his daughter was being born. He said he wanted to capture the expressions on his and his wife’s faces as their daughter came into the world, but as many who saw the photo pointed out, he’s just lucky his wife didn’t rip his entire face off. The man later reported that both wife and baby were doing just fine, and his wife even laughed when she saw the photo. Looks like she’ll let him live to see another year.

6. These parents who used a prankster to lure their teens to a fake kidnapping

Image via YouTube

A YouTube star teamed up with parents to teach teens a lesson about the dangers of social media, and the resulting footage was a big, giant NOPE. Basically, this guy set up a rendezvous with some teen girls, then when the girls showed, they were ambushed by their furious parents and lectured about meeting up with strangers. In the final set-up, the parents actually donned masks and made their daughter think she was being kidnapped. Holy overkill, Batman. It may have been a valuable lesson, but it was also a great way to make sure your teen never trusts you ever again. The verdict? Epic fail.

7. These moms fighting in Walmart

Direct quote from one of the moms to her son: “Johnny, punch her in the fucking face.” Lord, have mercy. No more of this, please.