The Better Side

by Scary Mommy
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There’s been a lot of talk lately about Mommy Wars. (I should know, I’ve done a lot of the talking.) Sadly, there’s not nearly as much talk about the other side of moms..The side that raised over $20,000 last Thanksgiving to ensure that every mom within this site’s reach who wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family, could..The side that offers support for the thoughts we wouldn’t dare utter anywhere else...The side that gives thoughtful advice and feedback and a sense of community, day after day..,.The Mommy Wars? Snort. We’re so much better than that..It’s almost summertime; the time when we breathe a little slower and enjoy the long days a little more. But, for those of us struggling to feed our families, there’s not much reason to celebrate....If your kids rely on a school lunch program or food stamps and your family could use an extra $150 to help make it through this summer, please fill out this Google document with your information. (Once you have done so, you will need to verify a food stamp book or school lunch voucher.).If you have a few extra dollars right now, please pitch in to help those in need through Scary Mommy Nation. Any and all donations are welcome — every little bit helps!.Can you afford more? For $25, you can adopt a struggling family. You will be paired with two other donors and Scary Mommy Nation will match your combined donation, providing $150 to a family in need. Want to adopt a family on your own? Your donation of $75, matched with SMN’s, will do that..Real moms making real change...What better lesson can we teach our children than the ability we have to reach out and better the lives of those who are struggling? What better way to feel good about ourselves, knowing we’ve made a difference in a fellow mother’s life?.We’re more than petty fights and pointless competition. We are supportive and empathetic and generous and loving and kind. We care..Let’s show the rest of the world. . [paypal_counter] .{Comments are closed so you can spread the word instead!}.Update: Applicants will be accepted through Friday, May 25th. If you have applied or donated, please stay tuned for more information!.

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