The Funniest Tweets About The Yanny and Laurel Viral Debate

by Joanna McClanahan

In case you haven’t already listened to the infamous recording, here it is. The internet is is in an all-out war as to whether it’s saying “Yanny” or “Laurel.”

As it turns out, the higher frequency sounds in the recording make people hear “Yanny,” whereas the lower frequencies cause others to swear they hear “Laurel.” People could also hear it differently because different headphones and speakers filter the frequencies of the sound in different ways.

There’s no real correct answer but that’s never stopped the people of Twitter from arguing about something. So here are the funniest tweets about the Yanny/Laurel Debate:

Once you hear it, you won’t be able to process how someone can hear the other:

And this has been the biggest internet debate since that damn dress:

It’s confusing when you hear one of the two SO CLEARLY:

And we can’t even imagine hearing anything else:

No matter how many times we listen to it:

And we have some strong feelings about the folks on the other side of the debate:

And they clearly have some thoughts about us:

But it’s their right to be incorrect:

Some say that it might have to do with how young or old you are:

While some people still have no clue what’s going on:

And others think this might be how it all ends:

But that doesn’t stop us from sticking to our convictions:

And some of us are even ready to get divorced over this:

While some us swing both ways:

Some people can even hear both once they’ve reached nirvana or some shit:

But at least it makes a good distraction from the flaming dumpster that is our world:

And even from ourselves:

But at the end of the day, none of this matters:

And no matter what you hear, there’s only one clear solution here: