The New Mom’s Holiday Manifesto

The New Mom’s Holiday Manifesto

Sponsored by Babies"R"Us


Sponsored by Babies"R"Us

Sponsored by Babies“R”Us

Last year, I was sooo late for our flight to my mother’s house, nothing would fit in the suitcase, and the baby wouldn’t stop crying. This year, I made a pledge to make the holidays simple and drama free, here goes:

I will cancel gift-giving with my BFF in place of an uninterrupted girls’ night out with no kids and partners.

I will not buy anyone else’s kids toys with lights, magic sand, or any other anxiety-inducing features.

I will make at least one snow angel — even if my pants are soaked afterwards.

I will make an attempt at putting away baby’s laundry in something like this in hopes of reducing the number of teeny-tiny socks I keep losing.

I will maximize every chance to enjoy food, drink, and family (even from the ones giving me unsolicited advice).

I will put holiday music classics on full blast and engage in a pajama dance party at least once.

I will not stress out when the baby feeding and bedtime schedules fall by the wayside because, hey, it’s the holidays.

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