Is Scary Mommy The Right Website For You?

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So, you’ve stumbled upon Scary Mommy.

Welcome! Before you spend any more time here, let’s determine if it is, in fact, the right website for you.

Do you:

Have this whole parenting thing figured out?

Have children who are always respectful and perfectly behaved?

Believe that life should always be taken seriously?

Judge mothers who give in to tantrums, allow the television to babysit and don’t feed their children an entirely organic diet?

Maintain a meticulous home?

Believe that each and every moment with your family is a blessing?

Troll the internet looking for posts to leave nasty comments on?

Believe yourself to be a better parent than everyone else you come into contact with?

Always look put-together, never wearing yoga pants for anything other than practicing yoga?

Never feel the need to have a break from your children?

Believe that four letter curse words are crass, dirty and inappropriate?

Not understand sarcasm?

If you answered yes to the above questions,

the exit door is just a click away.

If you answered no, welcome to Scary Mommy.

We’re glad you’re here!

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