The Rock Posts Relatable AF Parenting Photo And Gets Dad-Shamed

by Cassandra Stone

It doesn’t matter if you’re The Rock, toddlers will own you in every way, every day

Every parent has their least favorite phase of childhood — for some, it’s those sleep-deprived newborn days. For others, it’s the Sass Mode: Engaged phase of bigger kids. But one thing we can all agree on is that potty training, in all its stages, absolutely sucks. Amid the constant defecation, there is some humor to be found, however. And The Rock perfectly demonstrates one of the lighter moments of potty training in his latest Instagram post.

His youngest daughter, Tia, announced she had to pee and apparently did not want to do so in her diaper. Great sign, right? Hey, maybe she’s ready to start going on her own! HA, ISN’T THAT WHAT WE ALL THINK.

“She refused to go in her diaper (I don’t blame her:) and asked if she could pee on the grass,” The Rock writes in his caption. “Sure, we’re on private property, so daddy takes her to pee-pee on the grass.”

That’s where things take a turn. A cute, hilarious turn.

“But then she decides to renegotiate (again, I don’t blame her;) and demands daddy pick her up because doesn’t want to ‘stand on the Lava Monster’ so I have to hold her while she pees…all over my new white sneakers 😂💦.”

LOL. Toddlers, man. They’re the boss.

It’s also funny because most kids come up with these imaginative “monsters” or very creative, far-fetched fears. That’s just part of being a kid. Mine is terrified of the flusher and also the bathtub drain. You never know when a toilet will overflow or if you’ll get sucked down the drain, you know? And no matter what we say to assuage these fears, it falls on deaf ears. So we do what we do and indulge them and make them feel safe.

And sometimes, you get a little pee on your shoes in the process. Parenthood, amiright?

Of course, some party poopers (pee-ers?) had to swoop in and try ruining it with some dad-shaming nonsense:





Most people were overwhelmingly supportive though, because this stuff is super relatable. Johnson is always here for letting us in on the very real hilarity of parenting. He regularly shares moments both funny and sweet when it comes to his three daughters, particularly the youngest two. On Christmas Day, he shared another photo any parent of a Barbie-loving child can majorly relate to.

“Post Christmas, ‘Daddy come play Barbie with me,’ which in reality means..Daddy holds this Barbie for a solid 45min straight while baby Tia does whatever she wants and completely ignores Barbie the whole time,” Johnson captioned the photo.

YEP. BINGO. You’re not allowed to actually play and mess up their vibe. But you do have to be present. Those are the rules.

The Rock is also exceptional at doing his daughter’s hair — something that every father should be comfortable doing every day, tbh. Even if he himself doesn’t have any.

As for the peeing-in-the-yard-and-a-little-on-the-shoes incident, well, The Rock isn’t phased. (Duh. It’s one of the nine million reasons everyone loves him.)

“If I ever find this “Lava Monster” fella I’m whipping its ass,” he concluded. “Hell, I’ll take this precious memory over my sneakers any day.”