The Rock Lets His Daughters Loose In A Toy Store In Adorable Video

by Kristina Johnson
The Rock/Instagram

The Rock’s adorable daughter suckers her famous dad into buying tons of toys in a super cute Instagram video

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be a tough guy action star, but when it comes to his adorable daughters, he’s an absolute softie. The former pro wrestler posted a sweet video of a day out at a toy store with his girls, and it’ll feel totally familiar to anyone whose home is slowly being turned into a stuffed animal warehouse.

“We don’t have this!” his youngest daughter, Tiana, cheerfully explains as she grabs a plush. “We do have that, we have about 3,000 of those,” the Rock replies. You can already hear the defeat in his voice as he realizes he is not making it out of this store without another herd of stuffed animals in tow.

“Oh my god!” Tiana says, and moves on to a different plush. The Rock rejects that one as well. “We have 6,000 of those, too!” But don’t start feeling too bad for the sweet girl yet — though we don’t see it on video, the little cutie eventually wears him down and walks out with plenty of new toys.

“LOVE my daddy solo time with my little ladies and bribing them, I mean TAKING them to the toy store,” he captioned the video. “I always set the daddy rules before we walk in…” He said he always tells the girls they can both pick out two toys — and then lets them totally disregard that limit. He said the family “walks out 45 minutes later with 5 big bags of toys and all the mommy’s laughing at me,” which sounds about right. But who could say no to those adorable little faces?

“Truth is, I get just as much joy (if not more) in this than they do,” he said. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to say yes when your kid wants something, and to see their face light up when they get it (even though you know you’re going to be so annoyed when they spend like 10 minutes playing with it and then promptly lose it/break it/forget it exists).

For Johnson, you have to suspect that there’s an added layer to that joy. He’s spoken many times about how his family struggled financially when he was growing up, including being evicted from an apartment with his mom when he was 14. It’s quite a journey to go from having nowhere to live to being the highest-paid actor in the world, so who could blame the guy for spoiling his kids in the process? Sometimes, that really is priceless.