The Rock's Daughter Still Refuses To Believe Her Dad Is Maui From 'Moana'

by Cassandra Stone
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The Rock's Daughter Still Refuses To Believe Her Dad Is Maui From 'Moana'
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The Rock has been trying to convince his two-year-old that he’s Maui for MONTHS

As if having The Rock for your dad isn’t cool enough for a kid, imagine knowing that he’s the voice behind Maui from the beloved Disney movie Moana. It’s almost too awesome to be true, but in the case of The Rock’s daughter, Tiana, it’s actually too awesome to be true. Because she refuses to give her dad the credit he deserves for voicing such a legendary Disney character. And it’s hilarious.

Throughout our national stay-at-home quarantine period, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been desperately and patiently trying to convince his two-year-old daughter that he’s Maui. THE Maui. The guy behind the song she loves so much and makes her dad not only listen to but SING to her multiple times per day.


But when he asks her if she believes he’s Maui, then delivers the cold blow in a cutting, hilarious, simple “No.” It must be said, “You’re Welcome” isn’t an easy song to sing — especially without lots of practice. At least The Rock is getting A LOT of practice — he’ll certainly never be rusty on the lyrics, that’s for sure.


In April, he first shared the journey to Getting Tiana Johnson To Believe Her Dad Really Is The Demigod Maui, and it was everything. One, because it’s adorable, and two, because we were only a month into quarantine life and things seemed hard then.

“And for the 937th time today she wants daddy to sing along with Maui,” he wrote at the time. “She has no idea, we’re the same person. And I have no idea what day it is anymore, but I am sure it’s one that ends with Y. To all the mama and papa bears out there going thru it – we understand. 24hr parenting. Get your sleep and cocktails when you can.”

It’s going to be so funny when Tiana is old enough to make the connection — it’s like realizing your dad is Santa Claus, but way better. Because, you know, it’s The Rock. #SorrySanta.

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