The Rock Surprising A Tour Bus In His Neighborhood Is Pure Joy

by Valerie Williams
Instagram/The Rock

It’s not the first time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has taken a moment out of his day to thrill a Hollywood tour bus — but it truly never gets old

However a celebrity handles their fame is solely up to them. Some choose to be intensely private and rarely interact with fans while others are The Rock. Honestly, does any famous person enjoy their fame like Dwayne Johnson? I truly don’t think so as evidenced by his joyous videos featuring him rolling up on unsuspecting Hollywood tour buses in his neighborhood and making their whole freaking day by rolling down his window and saying hi. It’s the shot of pure serotonin we need in these troubled times, y’all.

“Hey you guys know where I can find The Rock?” he captions his latest tour bus surprise video. “Pulled up beside another tour bus rollin’ thru my neighborhood. Good to put some smiles on people this 9/11 weekend ~ stuff like this will always be the best parts of fame,” he writes.

Honestly, I think this would be my very favorite thing to do if I were famous but I’ve also never been stalked by paparazzi while pushing my infant in a stroller, so again, fully understand the celebs who would rather not pull a The Rock. That said, these videos are still such a complete joy as are his self-deprecating captions. “And make sure you guys go tell all your peeps back home that ‘The Rock is much smaller and not as good looking in person!!!'” he jokes.

He pulled the same happy stunt last month with another tour bus and seriously, it’s just heartwarming seeing how giving one minute of his day can elicit such happiness from all those excited tourists. This dude is loving being famous and knows the thrilled reactions he will get by merely saying hello. You love to see it.

If you follow The Rock on Instagram, you’ll notice that the guy is pretty much a big mush when it comes to his little girls, agreeing to everything from having his nails painted to playing with them at the literal crack of dawn. Looks like his heart is just that big with everyone he encounters. He also makes a point to reach out to young kids dealing with serious illnesses and sometimes even sends adorable and personalized birthday messages to fans.

It’s tough out there these days. We have to take our bits of happy where we can get them and luckily, The Rock is the happiness gift that keeps on giving.