The 'She-Shed' Trumps The 'Man-Cave' Any Day

The ‘She-Shed’ Trumps The ‘Man-Cave’ Any Day

April 23, 2015 Updated August 20, 2015


Have you ever heard a father complain about a child following him into the bathroom? Does a man potentially have to spend months on end with another human being literally feeding off his body? Nope. In the battle between who needs more space in a household, moms clearly win. I mean seriously, why is the man cave even a thing?

If you live in a home with one shed, it’s time to stake your claim. Why should men have all the sheds? They’re probably just going to shove some dumb tools in there that they will never really use. Why waste that valuable outdoor space when you can do something like this…

Oh, hi serenity. The only drawback to this one is you’ll probably have to learn to read Tarot cards.

Jokes aside, women are working from home in larger numbers than ever before. If you’re one of those women, you may need some totally separate, private space…

backyard-office-sheds-01Image via Apartment Therapy
backyard-office-sheds-20Image via Metro Prefab

Okay, these are amazing and probably require a construction crew, but it’s inspiration nonetheless. Is there a part of your house that’s currently unused that you can transform into a little spot for some peace and quiet?

she-sheds-11Image via Wooden House
she-sheds-07Image via House to Home

Well, a woman can dream…

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