Sore Loser

by Scary Mommy
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I am cursed with a face that shows each and every emotion. People always know if I truly love a gift, like their cooking or think they do indeed look fat in those ill fitting jeans. Even if I wanted to play poker I couldn’t and my unintentional expressions put me at a major disadvantage during rare fights with my husband. I simply can’t control what washes over my face.

Last night the winner of the Mother of All Bloggers contest was announced. I really wanted to win. From eight o’clock on, I was glued to the computer for the 10:30 pm announcement. My heart was racing. My palms were sweaty. Jeff was by my side as I sat maniacally refreshing the screen. And then the announcement came: “Adventures in BabyWearing is the winner of the momlogic and mombloggersclub Mother of All Bloggers contest. Congrats babysteph!” And the first thing I tweeted while everyone else was offering graceful congratulatory wishes was:

Because if there were a camera panning to me at that moment, this is what they’d have captured on film to replay on E! for the rest of eternity:

And if I had to wear an uncomfortable party dress and make small talk all night? Oy. It wouldn’t be pretty. But it has given me a new-found respect for actors. Those losers really deserve their own Oscar simply for not falling apart upon hearing someone else’s name. Because it sucks.

So, congrats, Steph. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving blogger. Unless, of course, it had happened to me.

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