The Wheels On The (Cancelled) Bus Is The Song We All Need Right Now

The Wheels On The (Cancelled) Bus Is The Song We All Need Right Now

by Team Scary Mommy
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The Wheels On the Bus is a classic nursery rhyme, that is for sure. Children and parents alike enjoy the memorable tune and repetitive song lyrics. So, when Scary Mommy decided to create a song about the homeschooling plight, what better nursery rhyme to parody? Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube here:

The Wheels On the (Cancelled) Bus is a catchy nursery rhyme about the difficulties of teaching our kids at home. From the lack of attention to the workload, The Wheels On The (Cancelled) Bus captures the work-life balance perfectly. We all know too well what it’s like to do 3rd grade math, as well as join a Zoom conference call with our boss or being asked 100 questions while we create a powerpoint. Yes, it’s true. We’ve never missed Karen in accounting more.

Performed by musician Jared Apuzzo, WOTCB is a mixture of great song lyrics and amazing guitar that will make both parents and kids happy. Why listen to the boring song lyrics of The Wheels On The Bus when you can enjoy the real story of moms in the middle of the coronavirus homeschooling fiasco? Add this one to your playlist ASAP.

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