The Work Dilemma: In Person? Remote or Never Going Back? | Live. Work. Thrive | Scary Mommy

The Work Dilemma: Should We Be Returning or Never Going Back?

June 3, 2021 Updated October 25, 2021

Since the onset of the pandemic, women have left the workforce in staggering numbers and it may take years to recover.  As cities approach reopening, how companies plan to “get back to work” will have a major impact on working parents.  For some, returning to in-person workspaces will be a relief from multi-tasking while balancing childcare. For others, the flexibility of working from home has advantages that are hard to give up.  On this episode of Live.Work.Thrive in partnership with [email protected], our virtual panel of experts will discuss topics such as:

  • Can employers require employees to return to in-person workspaces?
  • What have companies learned from the pandemic that may carry forward to support working families?
  • What is being done to support women who suffered disproportionately with the economic and caregiving burdens of the pandemic?
  • How can women reclaim some of the ground that was lost in female workforce participation?