5 Things I Never Would Have Said As a Kid

by Jen K
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I never know what is going to come out of my kids’ mouths. Sometimes I just shake my head, and other times I wonder where they come up with with this stuff. There are so many things they say that I never would have — or could have — said as a kid. Like these:

1. “Can we got to Starbucks?” – I had no clue what a Starbucks even was until I was a teenager. And even then the place terrified me. I was intimidated by words like Venti and Frapp–whatever you call it, so I stayed away until later… like into my 20s. My boys have known the word Starbucks since straight out the womb. Also, their cake pops? They an absolutely awesome bribe, you know when I need one.

2. “Can I play on your phone?” – We played outside. Yes, my boys spend plenty of time outdoors too. But seriously, electronics have taken over. They have their own electronics. I was lucky to get my own phone line in my teens. (A land line, mind you.) That was a big deal as a teenage girl. Now, children get their own cell phones. I had a pager. When I finally got a cell phone at 18, it was prepaid. I thought I was ballin’ (at least until the minutes ran out).

3. “Oh I like this song! Buy it on iTunes, mom!” – We had cassette tapes. When there was a song we liked, we would sit by the radio for hours waiting for it to play. If we were lucky enough to catch it in time, we could record it. We would sit on hold with the radio station for hours waiting to request it. No wonder kids have no patience these days…They have never sat waiting for their song just to have to run to the bathroom. Then to race back and find you missed the first verse, only to have to wait hours again to catch the whole thing. The struggle was real.

4. “Can you find my show On Demand?” – We didn’t even have cable, let alone On Demand. We had rabbit ears wrapped in foil. I was lucky if my show came in clear. Sometimes you would have to hold the bunny ears, hop on one foot, and hold your breath. A remote? Nope. If you wanted to change the channel, or turn up the volume, you walked up to the ol’ tube and changed it manually.

And… my absolute favorite:

5. “Mom, just Google it!” – Enough said.

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