Things to do in Austin With Kids

10 Things To Do In Austin With Kids

Visiting Austin with kids? You’ll all fall in love with this cool and vibrant city! Be sure to check out my top ten kid-friendly Austin spots below…

1. Safari Champ. This is a hidden gem in the suburbs of Round Rock but is ideal for the mommy blogger. I mean kids of mommy bloggers, of course. A huge, crazy-fun indoor playscape for them, and tasty caffeinated beverages and free WiFi for you. You may never leave.

2. Ice cream on the cows at Amy’s Ice Cream at the Arboretum. Is there anything more awesome than sitting on a lifesize stone cow and eating the magical frozen fruits of their udders? I think not.

Foldies Folding Sunglasses

3. Zilker Park. Free, unless you have to pay a couple bucks to park, and hours of fun. You can play on all the playscapes, feed the ducks, splash in the creek, ride the train – plan at least a whole morning or an entire afternoon – an hour won’t be enough.

4. Austin Children’s Museum. It’s really just flippin’ fun – for everybody. It’s one of those “Get out of the way, kid, and let mommy play” kind of places. You’ll love it too!

5. Camp Mabry. Closed army base with a museum, big grounds to run around on, and lots of cool weaponry for the kids to play with.

6. Boggy Creek Farm. Pick your own fruits and veggies. Fun, educational AND nutritious! Win for everyone.

7. One of the 4 Food Trailer Parks for Lunch. They’re usually cheap, there’s something to please everybody, and there’s plenty of room to run around and get the crazies out.

8. Visit the giant downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturday. It’s huge and well priced and there’s lots of strange dogs to pet and new foods to try – open year round, rain or shine!

9. Texas State Capitol. It’s cheesy and “touristy” but it’s really gorgeous and fun – and can be educational, but doesn’t have to be. Take your time and poke around, it’s very accessible!

10. The Drag. A popular section of Guadalupe, a street near the University of Texas campus, it’s full of trendy shops, an open air market, cool divey restaurants, college kids and weird “Drag rat” kids who attempt to look homeless before going home to their suburban mommies and daddies.

Got any other tips for getting the most out of Austin with kids? Leave them in the comments!