Things You Can Get For Three Dollars


Things You Can Get For Three Dollars

What can you get for three dollars?

1. A manicure for three fingers.

2. An impulse bag of cookies in the grocery checkout line, which you’ll immediately regret.

3. One half of a Starbucks specialty drink.

4. A pair of clearance slippers from Target that won’t stay on your toddler’s feet.

5. A crappy toy that your kid will play with for exactly seven seconds.

6. Three candles that have no scent and burn out in an hour from the Dollar Store.

7. A single gallon of gas.

8. A permanent marker your kid will inevitably find and use to decorate the house with.

9. An old movie that nobody ever rents from On-Demand.

10. Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving The Holidays.

Kind if a no-brainer, huh?