The First Trailer For Season 5 Of 'This Is Us' Is Here


The first trailer for Season 5 of This Is Us is finally here, revealing face masks and a Pearson brother showdown

At last, the countdown is on! This Is Us returns to our screens for its fifth season on Oct. 27, meaning we have just under two weeks left to wait. Of course, we’d typically already have seen a trailer for the upcoming season by this point in the countdown — but, you know, the whole coronavirus pandemic thing sort of threw a major wrench in production. Now that NBC has a few weeks of filming under its belt, they were able to offer fans a peek at what’s in store for the Pearson family. Not surprisingly, it looks intense.

“I think it’s time we start a new chapter,” Pearson family matriarch Rebecca tells a teenage Kate as flashes of the family both past and present fly by.

Understandably, not all of the footage is new. After all, they’ve only just recently been able to return to the studio. Still, the trailer is just juicy enough to make us wish we could hit the fast-forward button on life until we reach the premiere date.

Much of what the trailer shows is typical heartwarming This Is Us type stuff. You know, like Randall enjoying his 40th birthday with wife Beth and their kids. Or Kate and Toby laughing (yay for them both being happy and, more importantly, happy together). We also get to see Kevin rubbing Madison’s pregnant belly, reminding us we still have tons of questions about his future offspring.

But there are two slivers of the trailer that will likely pique fans’ interest most. First, there’s confirmation that This Is Us will be incorporating the novel coronavirus pandemic into the Pearson family storylines this season — that confirmation comes in the form of Kevin walking down the sidewalk while wearing a face mask.

The most intriguing (not to mention tense) moment, though, comes when Randall and Kevin seemingly come face-to-face for the first time following their big blowup last season. It looks as though they’re at the family cabin and, if you remember, a flash-forward last season implied that’s where the Big Three would be celebrating their 40th together.


Since this first look at season five also shows Randall celebrating his 40th with his family, as opposed to his siblings, there’s a lot to unpack here. Will Kevin and Randall continue their feud? Kev did tell Randall the worst day of his life was when Jack and Rebecca brought his brother home from the hospital, so… we don’t exactly blame Randall for still being upset. That’s not something you bounce back from easily.

However, these are the Pearsons we’re talking about. If any fictional family can turn this into a teachable moment that will make us embrace our loved ones through thick and thin, it’s them. Guess we’ll all have to wait until the two-hour season premiere to see!