This Is What Self-Care Looks Like In 2018

by Christine Organ
Originally Published: 
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Ahh, that dreaded word: self-care. Regardless of whether you think self-care is some kind of new age, feel good buzz word, or a legit part of a strong mental health routine, people have feelings –– BIG FEELINGS — about self-care.

If there’s one thing we can agree on, however, it’s that self-care does NOT mean pedis and facials after hot yoga. Here’s what it does look like:

1. Blocking your racist relatives on Facebook.

2. Telling yourself that chamomile tea is the answer. (Side note: chamomile tea is not the answer.)

3. Stabbing Trump voodoo dolls.

4. Doing a shit ton of face masks.

5. Screaming into the void.

6. Writing chores on your to-do list after you’ve completed them.

7. Binge watching Queer Eye.

8. Binge watching Schitt’s Creek.


9. Binge watching The Haunting of Hill House.


10. Binge watching anything because it’s always better than reality.


11. Researching the price of hazmat suits.

12. Casting spells on all your haters, the GOP, and anyone who has every wronged you ever.

13. Shoving chocolate in your face by the fistful.

14. Congratulating yourself after eating a single vegetable.

15. 36-hour naps.

16. Singing loudly alone in the shower.

17. Canceling plans.


Self-care level: expert.

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