Twitter Thread About A Student And His Immigrant Classmate Will Have You Sobbing

by Christina Marfice
Image via Twitter/Thomas McFall

Read this Twitter thread, cry for a minute, and then go spread some kindness like Thomas did

There will never be enough kindness in the world. No matter how much there is, there’s just always room for more, and more kindness is always better. Unfortunately, though, we don’t always act accordingly. I know I had a particularly Mondayish Monday yesterday, and my bad attitude meant I thought a lot about myself and very little about others.

That’s normal. It’s human nature to tend to put yourself and your own time and feelings first. But imagine how much kinder the world would be if we all made a little bit more of a conscious effort not to do that. Imagine how much kinder the world would be if we were all like Thomas McFall, a student from Ohio, who got a little wakeup call from the universe about stopping thinking about himself and being a little kinder.

In a viral Twitter thread, McFall described the immigrant student who sits next to him every day in one of his classes. This classmate struggles with broken English, McFall explained, and always stacks his belongings on the desk and seat McFall likes to sit in. As you can imagine, McFall found this annoying.

Every day when McFall arrives for class, his classmate greets him and clears off his desk, he continued. Still, he wondered why, knowing McFall was on his way, this other student continued to put his stuff on that desk and seat every. Damn. Day.

Of course there’s a reason. And it’s going to make you cry. Got the tissues handy?


Of course that’s not the whole story. After realizing that he had been a big, irritable jerk this whole time, McFall decided he should stop doing that and be a better person. So he and his new friend went out for some lunch.

McFall wrapped up his story with this life lesson that we all need to be reminded of sometimes:

It’s OK. Take a moment and cry this one out. That’s what the entire internet has had to do after reading this story.

Also, one person who replied had this amazing idea:

*Author refreshes Twitter every few minutes hoping for an answer because she would do anything for this guy and his family*

McFall’s story is heartwarming, but it’s also important to note that what he did isn’t all that hard or out of reach for any of us. He just showed a little extra kindness to someone in the periphery of his life. We can all do that, and make the world a little bit kinder.