8 Thoughts All Moms Have At The Beach –

8 Thoughts All Moms Have At The Beach

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Sponsored by Banana Boat

Beach days are the best, but no matter how often we go, it seems the same thoughts always seem to run through our minds.

Did I really bring this much stuff…again?

Beach chairs, towels, coolers, toys — how many items can one mom carry? Everyone knows moms are expert multitaskers, but their talents never shine through more than when they arrive at the beach and manage to get their brood to the shore. You’ll be laughing at yourself the minute you realize you did it again — packed everything but the kitchen sink.

One day, I’ll be able to sit back and relax like that mom over there, right?

Doesn’t that mom of teenagers look like she’s in heaven? She’s actually reading a book. How many more years until that’s me?

Is that a rain cloud? That can’t be a rain cloud.

You’ve checked your weather app religiously for the last three days. There was no mention of rain. Where did that rain cloud come from?

Oh…you want to swim, again?

You just got back to your towel, de-sanded your feet, and leaned back with a book. Of course your child is ready to go back in the water again. Of course.

Please don’t hear the ice cream truck. Please don’t hear the ice cream truck.

This thought will go through your head, on a loop, all day. No, your kid hasn’t had lunch yet. Yes, that’s the ice cream truck near the boardwalk again.


Approximately how long will it take to get this sand out of my car?

Yes, you brought all your kids to the shower near the exit. No, it won’t make a difference by the time you get to your car. There will be sand. For months.

“Yes, honey! That’s a great sand castle!”

It really just looks like a giant lump, but you’ll never tell.

Is this sunscreen really going to stay on through all this sweat, heat, and water?

Banana Boat® sunscreen products are tested to stay on in seven conditions*: sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand, and extreme heat. So if you pack some Banana Boat® sunscreen, this is one thing you will definitely not have to worry about. And let’s face it — a trip to the beach with small children isn’t exactly as relaxing as those pre-kid trips. We’ll use all the help we can get.

*Seven conditions does not apply to tanning or oil products, SPF 100 lotions, lip balms, Kids FREE and Zinc Faces.