This TikTok 'Dadosaur' Is The Quarantine Content We Deserve

by Cassandra Stone
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This TikTok 'Dadosaur' Is The Quarantine Content We Deserve

Behold the ‘Dadosaur,’ the now-viral father who turns into a very realistic dinosaur at the mention of his name

Now that we’re all at home with, quite literally, no place to go, we’ve got to take our entertainment any way we can find it. Which is why these now-viral videos of the ‘Dadosaur’ are exactly what we all need right now. In them, a typical suburban dad turns into an extremely accurate depiction of a dinosaur (the mannerisms alone are worth an Oscar, tbh) all to make his kids laugh. Now, we’re all laughing with them — and cringing with the mom.

The hilarious transformation was captured on video and shared on TikTok by user @olivemannella, the daughter of the Dadosaur himself, Frankie Mannella.

In the viral video, the father is cutting an Easter cake when his daughter casually asks, “Hey, do you think Dadosaur wants some cake?” Enter: THE DADOSAUR.

The second best part to the actual dinosaur imitation itself is how weary and beleaguered the wife/mom is here. Because she’s all of us, really. Sure, it’s funny the first couple of times. But after that, how much cake and milk (see below video, we’ll get to that in a sec) can be spared in the name of your husband’s comedic performance before you get incredibly annoyed? LOL.

Turns out there are plenty of Dadosaur videos to keep us entertained right now, which we all sorely need. One big fan gathered a few and posted on Facebook where they were shared a staggering 461,000 times. To say the world is loving Dadosaur is an understatement.

In one of them, an entire gallon of milk gets sacrificed in the name of Dadosaur. Imagine wasting milk right now! In this economy! I kid, I kid (mostly).

Then there’s the one where his two girls catch him in the driveway, getting ready to take the trash out. The pterodactyl-like precision here is truly something. Honorable mention to Mom’s “NO! STOP IT!” in the background.

He’s an internet sensation, there’s no denying it.

We can’t stop, won’t stop stanning Dadosaur and the pure joy performing these shenanigans brings him and his family. It’s the wholesome family content we all deserve.

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