Parents On TikTok Are Handing Their Babies Eggs To See What Happens

by Christina Marfice
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Boy in kitchen wearing a chef had and apron holding and egg in front of face
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Who knew babies would be so gentle with eggs?

One of the biggest things to emerge out of all the time we’ve spent in quarantine is the TikTok trend, and there’s a new one you’re going to want to check out ASAP. It shows parents handing eggs to their babies, and then filming what happens next. And we have to say, we’re pretty surprised by the results.

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In the original video that kicked off the trend, a mom turns her camera onto what looks to be a pretty young baby, who is holding an egg. She says in a voiceover, “So they say if you give a baby an egg, they’re gentle with it.”

She pauses as, in the video, her baby gingerly holds the egg and very carefully rubs it against their face.

“They’re not lying,” the mom says, before asking her kiddo, “Do you like your egg?”

What followed was tons — and I do mean tons — of parents on TikTok using that same voiceover recording to make their own videos of their babies holding eggs, and surprisingly, the trend is true. So many babies treat their eggs like the fragile things they are, holding them very gently and being careful not to drop them.

And these are very young babies. We’re pretty sure they’re not old enough to grasp an explanation about how eggs work, and why they have to be very gentle with them. The babies seem to just inherently know somehow that they have to be really careful. It’s bizarre, yet completely adorable.

BRB, going to find a baby so I can recreate this video for myself.

In fact, it took a ton of digging through TikTok to find just one video of a baby who did not treat their egg with the utmost respect and care. RIP to this egg.

This reminds us of the trend a while back when people gave eggs to their golden retrievers, who almost always held them carefully in their mouths. Is there just some reason the purest beings on the planet know when to take care of something fragile? We may never know.

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