Never Lose Your Stuff Again. Tile Is A Lifesaver.

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Sara Farrell Baker

Who among us has experienced the following scenario?

You’re trying to get the kids out the door in the morning. You’re in your yoga pants that you slept in, so nobody will know you’re wearing your pajamas at drop-off. If everyone gets their shoes on quickly (which won’t happen), you will only be a minute or two late. You reach in your purse and…

No car keys. And no clue where they are.

So you run through the house, yelling and cursing and searching every crevice of your home. It doesn’t help that you haven’t cleaned, and it looks like four other families gathered up all of their belongings and threw them through your windows. You get even more frustrated when you realize it is taking so long to find your keys that all of your kids will need late notes, which you will have to write, making everyone later.

Show of hands?

Being that I am watching all of you through the cameras in your phones and computers * waves hi! * I can see that every one of you is nodding your head and raising your hand. Welcome to the club, friends! I, too, have screamed into the abyss, imploring the universe to just deliver my damn keys. Sometimes I make it as far as texting my husband, “Where the hell did you put my car keys and why?!” Then I find them in a hamper or outside in the front door lock or beneath my couch cushions.

Sara Farrell Baker

I’m really good at losing things. I am so good at losing things that a year ago, right after I got home from a trip to Target, I couldn’t find my wallet. I looked in every nook and cranny of my car. I looked through my bags. I knew I’d just had it on me because I took it out to pay for my purchases. I called Target, and no one had turned it in. My husband drove back to Target, spoke with a manager, and they both watched security footage from the parking lot of me getting into my car with my wallet in my hand — which meant that somewhere on the five-minute drive between Target and my house, my wallet vanished and Barb is using it to make unauthorized purchases in The Upside Down.

My husband bought me my first set of Tiles shortly after.

They are little trackers for all the things you normally lose. You can hang them on your keys. Stick one to your remote or laptop. Attach it to your dog’s collar. Toss one in your child’s backpack. Leave one in your car for when you can’t remember where you parked. Put one in your wallet so you don’t have to cancel all your credit cards right before a trip like someone I know. *cough.*

Sara Farrell Baker

When you can’t find something, go to your Tile app and locate it. If the item, say your wallet, is close by, the Tile will start ringing, and you can follow the sound to quickly locate it. If it’s farther away, your Tile can be located by other Tile users who are near it and alert you when a location can be determined. And if you lose your phone, you can push the button on any of your Tiles to make it start ringing, even if it’s on silent.

Now instead of immediate dread when I reach for my keys and they aren’t by the door, I open my Tile app and find them in a few seconds. No swearing, no yelling, and minimal time wasted. I recommend them to everyone I know, especially when they’re freaking out about having recently lost something.

“You know, you wouldn’t have lost it with a Tile.”

That’s probably not irritating at all.

If you don’t want to be irritated by me during an easily avoidable situation, just easily avoid it and get yourself a Tile.

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