Tina Fey Is Never Getting Dressed Up Again

by Laurie Ulster
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I hate getting dressed up. The idea of a cocktail dress or a fancy event sends shudders up my spine. I worry about how I’m going to look: Do I still have a dress that fits, and do I have decent undergarments that won’t look like I have a truss on underneath?

Tina Fey showed the world just how difficult it is last night on Late Show with David Letterman, when she said her goodbyes to Dave in her final appearance on the show. “Forgive me if this sounds indelicate,” Dave told her, “but you look just wonderful.” He told her the dress she was wearing was like something Kate Middleton would show up in.

It’s great that he appreciated it, because Tina went on to tell him how this was going to be the last time she wore a fancy dress on a talk show. “What am I gonna do, put on a dress for Jimmy? That’s creepy, he’s like my brother,” she said. “The next time you see me I will be playing charades in a slanket.”

She explained that it’s hard work, getting into a dress like that. “I don’t know if you’re aware of the contraptions,” she told him. “It’s almost medical.”

“Because this is my last time wearing a fancy dress on a talk show and conforming to gender norms,” she told him, “My gift to you is, I want to give you the dress.”

And then, she took it off, revealing some spanx with “Goodbye Dave” on the front, and “#LastDressEver” on the back.

This is reason number 8,323,573 to love Tina Fey, isn’t it? She just made stripping, and Spanx, funny. See for yourself:

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