This Secluded Library In The Woods Is A Parent’s Dream

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Smith Design Office/Studio Padron

Someone designed a book lover’s tiny secluded library in the middle of the woods

Love to read but can’t find the time, or the peace and quiet, or a way to get your kids to stop crawling all over you? A U.S. design firm created a little cabin in the woods, known as a Hemmelig Rom (Norwegian for secret room) that just might solve all your problems. So long as you can find a babysitter.

Beautiful photos showcase this gorgeously designed room that’s built for one purpose and one purpose only: reading. There is no TV, no WiFi. So even if your kids don’t want you to go, they definitely won’t want to go with you! (And that’s before they even realize the tiny little cabin looks like the monolith from 2001.)

image via Smith Design Office

According to Bored Panda, the 200 square meter room was designed by Studio Padron and Smith Design Office. It’s located in upstate New York and made from oak. And check out the inside, which features a bed, armchair, desk, wood-burning stove, and book-lined shelves all around the room.

When you have kids, reading becomes a luxury you simply can’t afford. If you’re lucky enough to get them out of your hair for more than a ten-minute stretch, you’re probably going to use that time to clean, or check Facebook, or – if there is a god – take a nap! Odds are that rarely happens. But maybe if you had access to this little cabin, with no distractions and its own library of books, you’d have a chance.

image via Smith Design Office

That’s not all the cabin is good for. I mentioned the lack of TV and WiFi, right? Sounds like the perfect place to send your kids the next time they wake you up too early on a Saturday, or interrupt one of those rare moments of peace in which you did actually try and crack a book. My six-year-old would be terrified to spend more than ten minutes in that place, and he hasn’t even seen Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece.

I can only imagine the look of disappointment and terror on my son’s face as I slowly listed off the contents of the cabin: a bed, an armchair, a desk, a stove, and a bunch of books. Banished to the woods. With only books.

“What about an iPad? Or a TV? IS THERE AT LEAST A PHONE I CAN PLAY ON?” Nope. Muhahahaha!

image via Smith Design Office

But the real appeal of the place is the opportunity to read something that doesn’t feature superheroes, isn’t by Dr. Seuss, and doesn’t need to be wiped free of sticky fingerprints afterwards. God bless the people at Studio Padron and Smith Design Office for designing such a place.

I wonder if they’d be willing to build one in my backyard…