We Could Be Getting A 'To All The Boys' Spin-Off Series About Kitty

by Christina Marfice
Katie Yu/Netflix

Move over, Lara Jean and Peter. A To All the Boys spin-off series means a new Covey sister could have her turn at finding love

To everyone who tuned in to Netflix to watch To All the Boys: Always and Forever as early as their schedule permitted on February 14th and then was immediately heartbroken that that was the end of the beloved trilogy, this post is for you. The romance books-turned-movies are some of the most adorable content Netflix has ever produced, and allowed Lara Jean Covey (and her boyfriend Peter) to capture the hearts of America as they navigated true love in high school, through graduation, and while beginning college. But what about the other Covey sisters? Don’t they also deserve their fairytale romances?

It might be about to happen. Deadline is reporting that Netflix is in the early stages of production on a To All the Boys spin-off series, which would focus on Kitty Song, the youngest of the three Covey sisters, and her quest to find love. Considering how Kitty was the mastermind who sent out Lara Jean’s love letters and started the events that made up the entire movie trilogy, there is no one who deserves to have her story told more.

Deadline reports that Anna Cathcart has signed on to reprise her role as Kitty, and Jenny Han, who wrote the book trilogy, is the creator, writer, and executive producer on the series. That means we can expect this series to build on the universe created in the books and movies.

In To All the Boys: Always and Forever, we saw Kitty take her first steps toward love with a boy she met while on the family’s spring break trip to South Korea. However, things pretty quickly unraveled when she discovered he didn’t like Harry Potter (an obvious deal breaker, TBH). Kitty’s love story has the potential to be even more fun to watch than Lara Jean’s, because while Lara Jean is a hopeless romantic through and through, Kitty is a bit more guarded. You’d almost think she’s not as interested in love, but then again, she did send those letters.

The To All the Boys spin-off series doesn’t yet have a title or any important details (like a release date). But you can bet we’ll be following this news as closely as possible, because Kitty deserves her shot (and we deserve to watch it happen).