Viral Video Hilariously Proves That You Can NEVER Please A Toddler

by Ashley Austrew
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This toddler is distraught because his parents won’t take him to the broccoli farm

Toddlers are adorable, but sometimes life with them feels like a practical joke gone wrong. Case in point: this toddler who cried after his parents surprised him with a trip to the circus, because what he really wanted was to go to a broccoli farm.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, four-year-old Max is out with his parents under the guise of taking a trip to see where broccoli is grown. In reality, his parents lied about where they were going because they wanted him to be surprised when they ended up at the circus instead. Unfortunately, their brilliant plan backfired when Max got so upset about not visiting the broccoli farm that he started crying.

You can see in the clip that Max looks pretty distraught, and you hear his dad desperately trying to console him. “Max, there’s elephants,” he says. He also promises Max they can buy broccoli at the store, but it’s to no avail. Max wants to go to the place where broccoli is born, damn it, and no amount of lions, tigers, or bears will do.

As any parent can tell you, this is the cruel joke of raising small kids: nothing pleases them, ever. You buy them a play kitchen, and they’d rather play with the packaging. You take them out to breakfast, and they cry because they wanted to eat Lucky Charms in their Frozen pajamas. You take them to Disneyland, and they’re mad the gift shop had the wrong color lollipop and suddenly that’s all they remember from the entire trip.

It’s maddening, and yet we still try. We still plan trips to the circus, the movies, the zoo, and the theme park. We do it because we love them, but also because we’re gluttons for punishment. We know our kids will want the exact opposite of whatever we give them, and yet we’re still shocked when they throw a complete fit because they wanted their sandwich bread cut like triangles instead of squares.

I’m sure Max’s parents thought the circus would completely blow his mind, and it probably did once he got over his initial shock at not seeing row after row of broccoli in it’s natural environment. Still, his over the top reaction is hilarious because every single parent can relate to what his mom and dad were going through. You’d expect promises of elephants and circus popcorn to elicit squeals of joy, but in Max’s defense, a broccoli farm does sound pretty darn cool.

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