Toddler Destroys Entire Makeup Collection, Moms Everywhere Wince

by Cassandra Stone
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This mom’s priceless reaction will make you laugh and offer condolences at the same time.

If you’ve raised a toddler, then you know they give tornadoes a run for their money when it comes to causing mayhem and destruction in your home. They laugh in the face of those clear, plastic outlet covers and think nothing of throwing an entire plate of spaghetti on the floor. You can’t take your eyes off them and their danger-seeking little fingers for a minute and if they’re being quiet, you know something shady is going down.

Capri Quiles learned this the hard way, as many of us do on a near daily basis. She took to her Facebook page to share how her son decided to demonstrate a little artistic expression.

With her entire makeup collection. And I do mean all of it.

In the video, it appears Capri walked in on her (insanely adorable) son in the midst of a palette-palooza of sorts, covered head-to-toe in every eye shadow shade under the sun. There he sits with his cherubic curls and big brown eyes, completely unaffected and not even remotely fazed that his little makeup experiment nearly sent his shell-shocked mother into cardiac arrest.

Can we just all please take a moment of silence for Capri and those poor palettes? It’s no wonder she’s practically primal in her grief – the destruction seen here is easily over $100 worth of quality name brand makeup that her kid is just nonchalantly using as body paint. I mean, he made sure he left no Naked eye shadow shade unturned. Dude was thorough.

“What palette is that? Oh my God! I’m putting you up for adoption, dude!” Hands-down the best part of this entire debacle is Capri’s reaction. I think we can all agree it’s one of the most justifiable over-the-top reactions in the history of motherhood. Her gasps and bewildered sputtering are downright hilarious, and honestly how can you not feel for her in this moment?

LOL. I love how she takes a moment for each individual loss here. She’s genuinely upset but you can detect a note of comedic self-awareness and I am so here for it.

It’s like the wise, old saying goes: this is why we can’t have nice things. And before anyone berates the mom for failing to keep her makeup out of reach, please check yourself. With everything we have to clean, organize, spearhead, keep track of, and manage on a daily basis, who among us hasn’t been susceptible to sneaky toddlers? It’s like they have a sixth sense for when mom lets her guard down so they can keep us on our toes by being the curious little creatures they are. They’re practically omnipotent.

Now someone needs to set this girl up with a Sephora spree, STAT!

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