This Cup Is Going To Make Life With Your Toddler So Much Easier

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee’s No-Knock cup is blowing our minds, and now everything we thought we knew about meals with toddlers is wrong.

As the parent of a tiny human, you need to be quick-ish on your feet and also clairvoyant. Sure you need more skills, but these two are the most important: anticipating the future and having the kind of speed where you only barely feel the plastic blocks digging into your bare feet at 2 a.m. Everything else is just gravy.

But wouldn’t it be nice to parent and chill? You know, to not have to be agile of the mind and nimble of the feet. Where you hand your 3-foot bundle of teeny hands and doe-y eyeballs a cup and not anticipate the slow-mo theatrics you’ll have to do to save your table and everything on it.

We got you, sis.

Okay, we personally do not have you, but Tommee Tippee’s No Knock cup does.

To All the Non-Sticky Surfaces I’ve Loved Before

Tommee Tippee, the beloved brand behind so many of the products parents and tiny humans use and love, recognized that cleaning up spills is PEAK frustration for parents. Of course we want our kids to learn how to use open cups because it’s an important developmental milestone, but also, AT WHAT COST?!

Before handing your toddler a cup, it’s like you need to say a few words to all the things you’ve loved before: rest in power, rugs that were all one color, and shoutout to all the non-sticky surfaces I didn’t appreciate; toddler coming through.

Stronger Than a Speeding Hand

But it doesn’t have to be like this anymore — Tommee Tippee has glowed up the cup game. Featuring CleverGrip™ technology, this tough No Knock cup resists everything your toddler is prepared to throw at it. We’re talking knocks, bumps, bashes, even licks and nose sniffs from the dog or curious paw taps from the cat. It stands firm on smooth, hard surfaces and saves you from ALL the panic sweats over the hassle of cleaning up spill destruction.

Welcome to the Cuptopia That Is Your Life Now

If you’re thinking, Oh, that’s great that the cup grips to hard surfaces, but does that mean I’m gonna have to hear “MOMMMMM!” every 2.5 seconds from now until 2020-something? Nope, because CleverGrip is truly clever — it stays standing tall but lifts up easily for tiny hands. It’s as if Tommee Tippee looked at astronauts as a challenge and accepted, like, yes, if we can put people in space and feed them without gravity, then by golly we can and WILL provide toddlers cups that resist knocks.

This Unmovable Force Lands

The No Knock cup will begin landing in stores in January 2019 and comes in two sizes — 12 months and 18 months.

Congratulations, parents of toddlers, you needed this win so, so badly.