Tom Holland Helps Fan Having A Panic Attack And Being Crushed By Crowd

by Christina Marfice
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@NamelessCass/Twitter and Isabel Infantes/PA Images/Getty

Tom Holland is now a superhero IRL

We’ve all seen Tom Holland play a superhero on the big screen when he stars as Spider-Man in the Marvel franchise movies. But who knew he was also a hero in real life? At a fan meet-and-greet this week, Holland came to the rescue of a woman who was in distress, stopping other rowdy fans from crushing her against a safety barrier, and excuse us while we swoon.

The woman, who goes by Cass on Twitter, shared the whole story in a thread of tweets. She had joined a crowd of people who hoped to get an autograph, selfie, or even just a glimpse of the star when things got out of hand and she ended up being crushed against the metal barrier that separated Holland from the waiting fans.

And who was it who came to her rescue, forcing overzealous fans to back up and give her space? Spider-Man himself.

Apparently, Holland told the “graphers,” or people who collect celebrity autographs to resell them later, that he was going to take the items they brought to get signed and throw them on the ground if they didn’t behave. And when they didn’t, he stuck to his promise.

Cass also managed to get a video of Holland coming to the rescue, and the way he sweetly tells her not to worry and “I’ve got you” has our hearts melting even more.

What Tom Holland did here was huge, whether he knows it or not. Have you ever been at a concert or in an event crowd when things start to get out of hand? It’s seriously scary. When there are that many people around, you can’t easily escape. You’re kind of at the mercy of the crowd, and in that kind of frenzy, it’s pretty easy for a smaller person to get trapped, crushed or even trampled. Just look at all these people. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in this.

Cass was glad Holland came to her rescue, and pointed out that by doing so, he actually put himself in a less safe position.

It’s a bummer that Tom Holland even had to get involved here. Grown ass men should learn how to behave themselves in a crowd. But we’re glad he did get involved, because not only is Cass safe, but she has a lifelong good memory of a celeb she loves, which is super cool.

Fan encounters with celebrities who are acting like truly good people are some of our favorite things. Like the actors from The Sandlot who had a mini photo shoot on the street with a young fan — ugh, our hearts. A couple of years ago, an entire viral Twitter thread was filled with stories of celebrities behaving nicely, and it’s a heartwarming read if you can’t get enough of this Tom Holland story. More celebs should take a page out of this book because their fans deserve people they can truly look up to. In Holland’s case, he’s proven himself a true real-life superhero — at least to this one fan.

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