Tom Holland Dresses As Spider-Man To Surprise Jimmy Kimmel's Son

by Christina Marfice
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Tom Holland Dresses As Spiderman To Surprise Jimmy Kimmel's Son For His Birthday
Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

This is the reason Tom Holland is forever our favorite Spider-Man

There’s not much we love more than when celebrities who play heroes dress up as those heroes for the benefit of kids. It’s just so pure and wholesome, and kids who truly idolize the characters they see on TV and movies are so touched by it. It’s a beautiful act of kindness, and if there’s anything our world needs more of, it’s that. That’s why our hearts are absolutely melting over Tom Holland dressing up like Spider-Man to surprise Jimmy Kimmel’s son on his third birthday.

Little Billy was supposed to have an entire Spider-Man themed party, but then the coronavirus happened and no one could come. Kimmel had been promising his little boy that Spider-Man himself would make an appearance at the celebration (a hired actor, of course), but because of the family’s lockdown, that was no longer possible. So what did Kimmel do? He called in a favor from Holland, who is probably our favorite actor ever to play Spider-Man.

“We promised him that Spider-Man would, the real Spider-Man, would come to his party,” Kimmel explained. “Now, of course, we were just going to hire a guy in a suit. But now nobody’s coming to his party, and his party is just us, and I was wondering if you would say hello.”

Holland, always up for making a kid smile on his birthday, responded, “Absolutely no trouble at all. Yeah, put him on.”

So while Kimmel was off rounding up little Billy (and his 5-year-old sister, Katie), Holland dashed off screen to put on a mask and hoodie ensemble similar to the one he wore in Spider-Man: Homecoming. When he appeared back on the screen, both kids looked pretty amazed.

But they were even more shocked when Holland took off the mask and revealed himself to be the actual, real Spider-Man.

“That is Peter Parker!” Katie yelled. Cue all our hearts melting like they’re popsicles on the Fourth of July, only to melt all over again when Kimmel pulled the ultimate dad move and revealed Katie thinks Holland has a “cute” face.

So little Billy was able to meet his hero, even though his birthday got quarantine-canceled. And Holland, as Spider-Man, joined the family in singing Happy Birthday to the little dude. While it’s definitely not the party the Kimmel family planned, we think it’s pretty safe to say they’ll remember this birthday celebration for many years to come.

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