Tony Hawk Captures The Awesome Moment His Daughter Overcame Her Fear

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s daughter riding a skateboard like a pro will make you cheer right along with her dad

Tony Hawk is a world-renowned professional skateboarder, yes. But he’s also a dad. And no matter how badass he is on the skateboard or how many years he’s been wow-ing us with his skills, watching him patiently and sweetly encourage his daughter as she tries to wow her dad with her own moves is the cutest darn thing you’ll see all day.

Hawk shared the now-viral moment on Twitter, saying he was just as scared as his daughter, Kadence, age 10, was. In the video, you can see Kadence hesitate, approach the task at hand with caution, debate whether she really wants to listen to her old man, and then she just…goes for it.

It’s awesome! Listening to her dad cheer her on in the background has me wondering if it’s too dusty in here, because there’s absolutely something in my eye.

Parents everywhere can relate to that feeling of elation and pride you get when you watch your kiddo overcome something they didn’t think they could do. Those are some of the most rewarding, emotional, memorable moments of parenthood and it’s so awesome Tony Hawk has this one on video.

The viral tweet inspired lots of parents to share their own similar stories of their kids – future skateboarders and just all-around badasses are everywhere. What Kadence is seen doing is called “dropping in” — and it can be pretty terrifying, apparently.

Even parents who aren’t living with Tony Hawks-in-training chimed in on how amazing that feeling is.

Tony Hawk has dozens upon dozens of skateboarding titles and victories, tons of video games based on his career, his own YouTube channel, and has made several appearances in various television shows and movies. But here, in this video, he’s a dad. Nothing less.

Too often in children’s hobbies and sporting activities, we see parents getting a little, uh, too involved from the sidelines. Not, like “Go, Bobby, Go!” involved, but more like “MOVE, BOBBY, GET TO THE LEFT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SLAP THAT OTHER KID, THE REF IS AN IDIOT” levels of involvement.

That is not at all what is happening here. Parents with kids involved in activities — take note. If Tony Hawk, who is, by all means, the professional in his field, can coach up his child in an understated, patient, kind, and loving way — then all of us who are not the Babe Ruth of any activity can take a note from this guy.

You don’t have to literally push children to give them the boost they need to feel confident enough to accomplish something that intimidates him. No humiliation, belittling, yelling, or disappointment necessary. Just a good old-fashioned “you can do it” and a loving attitude go a long way.

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