This Dog Dad And His ‘Son’ Dress Better Than Anyone We Know

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Instagram

The dog dad and his pup son have a super strong Instagram game thanks to their matching outfits

Topher Brophy and his son Rosenberg have an enviably close relationship. They dress alike, they’re athletic, and father and son both enjoy a good prank. They document their adorable life together on Instagram for their 131,000 followers who love their matching outfits and fun personalities.

Oh, did we mention Rosenberg happens to be a dog?

Brophy tells People magazine all the details about his life with Rosenberg, who he does refer to as his son. And it’s no wonder — there’s more than a passing resemblance between the two.

If they look familiar, that’s because the pair appeared in a new Sprint commercial recently highlighting their adorable partnership.

Topher’s entire Instagram account is photos of him and Rosenberg dressed alike, even making the same expressions and sporting the same hairdos much of time. It was after people told Topher that he and his dog looked alike that he decided to start dressing them the same way too. He says it was just for fun at first, but people seemed to really love their outfits. “This encouraged us to take things to the next level, so we teamed up with an amazing photographer, Chantal Adair (@thedogstyler), who is also the creative director of my account.”

But make no mistake — Topher and Rosenberg’s relationship isn’t just fun and games. It was after a difficult time in Topher’s life where he realized it would be good for him to care for another being that the two came together. After herniating a disc from playing competitive sports that Topher says were to mask the fact that he wasn’t in touch with his emotions, he adopted Rosenberg. Now? He can’t imagine life any other way.

“Becoming a dad was the best decision I have ever made. On top of being my son, Rosenberg is also my best friend. By continually putting Rosenberg’s needs before my own, I am more self-aware and constantly focused on making other people happy. Having a son, I now feel a connection to every living being in the world.”

That connection between father and son couldn’t be more clear in the photos of them together.

Also, Topher and Rosenberg’s sartorial selections aren’t all chosen on a whim. “We dress up in different characters because we are proponents of diversity and want to pay homage to different cultures, religions, orientations and professions. We have a profound respect for everyone and consider ourselves citizens of the world.”

Topher shares that in the last week, he’s received offers from publishers, invitations to be on TV and offers for endorsements. He says the duo are holding out for “the perfect charitable fit.”

For now, father and son will keep doing what they do best. Making people happy. “We’re humbled by the attention, because for us, it’s all about bringing joy to people’s lives and connecting with them.”

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