Here Are 11 Things We’re Shocked Our Parents Let Us Play With

11 Toys We Grew Up With That We’d Never Give Kids Today

November 13, 2018 Updated November 13, 2019


Compared to our kids, we grew up feral.

Barely supervised by adults, our backyards and playgrounds were our kingdoms. With nary a warning label, the toys we coveted were light years beyond age appropriateness. Which, of course, DID NOT stop anyone in our lives from handing them over.

With the holidays bearing down on us like a dodgeball thrown by a rather large 10-year-old, it’s time for us to adult-up and get down to buying our kids some toys.

While the news will concern troll us with BUT ARE THEY SAFE?! hysterics, it’s important to know that U.S. toy safety requirements are among the strictest in the world. By shopping at reputable stores and online retailers you trust and by paying attention to the age-grading on toy packages, you’re doing 100% more than, you know, our parents. And we survived.

Most toys come with instructions and age-restrictions. You want to pay attention to these front-of-box age restrictions — some toys come with small parts that pose a choking hazard to little ones so it’s important to follow these safety guidelines. Plus, you can visit to check on a toy’s recall status or read their handy safety guides broken down by age.

We asked the Scary Mommy community to tell us what they can’t believe their parents let them play with.

1. That Time Everyone Wrongly Assumed What You Needed Was a Bug Bakery

creepy crawler toys

2. Sure, a Real Pony Has Some Inherent Dangers But Nothing Like Clinging on for Dear Life Because Spring Coils

rocking horse

3. Our Parents Were Absolutely SAVAGE

lawn darts

4. There Were A Lot of Explosives in Our Childhood That We Forgot About — Like This Toy Gun Accessory

cap gun

5. While Not a Toy, We Judged Everything Based on Metal-Slide-Level Hot or Not

hot metal slide

6. The Exact Moment We Learned the Powers of Physical Comedy

dangerous toy

7. How Did Our Parents Not See This Coming?

tool set for kids

8. Every Second on This Thing Was Absolutely Thrilling

roller racer toy


rabbit's foot

10. Charlie Brown Does NOT Approve

snoopy snowcone machine

11. What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here Except Everything?

wood burning kit

Safety is the toy industry’s top priority every day of the year. For more information, families are invited to visit, The Toy Association’s website for parents and caregivers.