Unhinged Karen Escorted Out Of Trader Joe's For Not Wearing A Mask

by Kristine Cannon
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Trader Joe's Karen
D. Giles/Twitter

Another day, another Karen throwing a tantrum. Today’s tantrum is brought to you by Trader Joe’s Karen, who — surprise, surpriserefuses to wear a mask inside of a Trader Joe’s.

In a now-viral video posted yesterday by D. Giles, a Los Angeles-based actor (according to his Twitter bio), two Trader Joe’s employees confront a woman and escort her out of the store — but not before she aggressively throws her empty basket on the ground like a child, waves her finger at Giles’ camera, and screams at the top of her lungs, “You think this is OK?! You’re a f***ing democrat party pig! All of you!”

D. Giles/Twitter

“Y’all, Karen is showing out at Trader Joe’s,” Giles says in part one of the four videos he shared to Twitter. “She does not have a mask, and somebody said leave, and she is having it out.”

“I have a breathing problem!” unhinged Karen yells. “My doctor would not let me wear a mask! So, anyone harassing me to wear a mask,” she continues to say, as she waves her finger at literally everyone at checkout with eyes likely rolled to the back of their heads, “you guys are violating federal law! Get that — get that on camera!”

“We got it,” Giles retorts.

This Karen sighting took place on opening day for the brand-new Trader Joe’s store in north Hollywood, and Los Angeles just so happens to be the No. 1 county hotspot for COVID-19 in the U.S. According to Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 dashboard, Los Angeles county ranks at the top for most confirmed cases with 93,391 cases, as of June 27. Cook county in Illinois comes in second with 89,068 confirmed cases, and the previous hotspot, Maricopa county in Arizona has 39,626 confirmed.

The reactions to Trader Joe’s Karen are spot-on, too:

Some even refute the idea that wearing surgical masks impedes oxygen intake or increases CO2 intake:

“While inhaling high levels of carbon dioxide is dangerous, this is very unlikely to happen from wearing a cloth face mask,” Cleveland Clinic said.

In April, the CDC recommended that all Americans wear face masks in public. And earlier this month, WHO updated its mask policy, now also recommends everyone wear face masks in public areas. In Los Angeles, specifically, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an order requiring Angelenos to wear face coverings when they leave their their homes and will be near other people. “Face coverings help stop the spread of the virus, and wearing them in public creates a layer of protection,” the mandate states.

“Always choose masking over not masking,” said Dr. Emily Landon, a hospital epidemiologist and infectious diseases specialist at University of Chicago Medicine.

We got it?

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